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Mission Statement
KGXpedition Recon!

KGXpedition Recon has been established to create outdoor adventures with all their many
therapeutic benefits and to make them available, free of charge, to our wounded veterans, first
It is well established that outdoor activity and exercise have strong, positive recuperative and
therapeutic effects on mental and physical well-being. At KG Adventures, we thus invite our
wounded heroes and their families to our outdoor adventures. Here, they can share in the
beauty of nature while participating in a myriad of activities where they can enjoy, play and / or
just relax while on their continued journey to recovery. In each case, we cover all expenses and
our team also makes all the necessary travel, lodging, meal and equipment arrangements.
Our wounded heroes and their families can thus just relax, enjoy and hopefully continue along
the road to recovery.

Darrin Wood,

Founder & President

KGX Mission: Welcome
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